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Dear friends,

Let’s take a minute to introspect ourselves on our memory part. We will cherish few moments in life which are very fresh and happy and also there can be few painful moments as well. We can recite the story of a film watched ages ago!!! We can still mimic the dance poses of our favorite actors. It is very mesmerizing to travel back on years through our memory.

In our day-to-day lives, I am sure there are many things which we have forgotten and regretted back. It can be as simple as forgetting a shopping list or a watch or calling a friend or can be serious ones like forgetting diagnosis reports or other important documents, forgetting the parking place of the car. When we are able to recall the movies, events of ages back, why are we struggling to remember such important ones? Is there a separate movie playing for all of us?

If we take the examples here we can see few personalities who have benchmarked their life. Like for example Steve Jobs, Sir M. Visweshwaraiah, Isaac Newton, etc. We would be suspecting if god has gifted them something different than us?? Has god cheated us??? NO.  Dear friends, the only difference between them and other human beings is that they have utilized their brain to the full extent while others have not done it. They had set the right goals and strive for those goals in each breath of their life.

Here at NR Institute, we are revealing the hidden power of human brains, the secrets for success. NR Institute mainly focuses on the memory aspects and how to improve memory and concentration and thus achieve greater heights in life. We should never think the buzz words like Memory and concentration are only for students. Scientific research has revealed that memory and concentration are required for every individual irrespective of their age or work cultures. Hence we are trying to provide the best for both.

Facts about the Brain

Human Brain is made up of 100 billion neurons, each neuron holds up 80GB of memory.

Human brain is responsible for thought generation and humans experience 70000 thoughts each day.

Human brain weighs only 1.4Kg but takes in 20% of body Oxygen and 75% of water.

Storage capacity of the human brain is equal to the TV recording of 300 years continuously nonstop.

Human brain understands and interprets any information with the sensory organs. Sensations are vital for longer memory retention and recalling.